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Watching argentina primera division league or commonly known as the Argentinian Super league now doesn’t need to be difficult, because you can watch it in a live stream on a smartphone connected to the internet. Our website helps you to easily search for various matches that are on schedule for today’s Argentine Superliga. You can watch it for free here until the fight is over. The Argentine league is one of the many leagues that are in great demand to watch, especially by those football fans. This league, is contractually linked to the main soccer body, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) which held the entire championship from 1893 to 2017.

The Primera Division is the main football division in Argentina. Where is at the top of the football league system in the country. This league operates on a promotion system and besides that there is degradation with Primera B Nacional (second division). Where for the team that is at the lowest position at the end of the season is degraded. This match season starts from August to May.

When in 91, this country was the first country outside the United Kingdom to build a soccer league. Where since the early years, only teams from Buenos Aires and Rosario were affiliated with national associations. Teams from other cities participated to dock in the following years. Meanwhile, for the Primera division it became professional in 1931 when 18 clubs made secession from the amateur league where they wanted to form a professional club. From that start, the season has been fortified every year in four different formats and calendars. The league has been in the current format since the 2015 season.

The matches of each team are very interesting in this league, so it is not surprising that the Argentine league has reached the top ten, which is one of the strongest leagues in the world (for 1 January 2015 – 31 December 2015) by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS ) Argentina have finished fourth after La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), and Bundesliga (Germany).

There are 26 teams ready to compete for the title in the 2018-19 season. You can watch it on this website when searching for streaming live today Argentine leagues on the internet. Or you can find other leagues that we have also provided to make it easier for you if you want to see football matches from other leagues in the world. The entire team in the Argentine league all play with each other in a single round-robin tournament (a total of 25 rounds). “Fecha de clásicos” (and additional local derby matches) was again fired for this season.

While for the team that is the winner, a trophy will be given specifically for this event. The cup was designed by prominent goldsmith Adrián Pallarols. Not only the trophy for the winning team, memorial medals have also been issued in order to reward their best players. While in 2017-18, Boca Juniors was the first team to be awarded the Superliga trophy.

As for the degradation system, this league is based on an average system. Where at the end of the season, four teams with an average of three years experience the worst season will be degraded, while for the winner and runner-up of the Primera B Nacional championship will get their promotion to compete in Primera. While for the Primera Division champions will reach the position to play the Supercopa Argentina v. Copa Argentina winner.

In 2017–18, five teams from Argentina had fulfilled the conditions for playing the Copa Libertadores. Primera División champions automatically qualify for the tournament. While for the rest placed on the table at the end of the tournament (second to fifth) also have the right to play the Cup. Teams who are then able to occupy positions 2 to 4 in the table meet the requirements to play a temporary group stage for teams in position 5 will enter the first stage of competition. For the Copa Sudamericana, six teams are eligible. Clubs placed in positions 6 to 11 at the table at the end of the tournament will hold the trophy.