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Watch the Brazilian league live stream tv online or what is known as the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A can now easily be on your smartphone or laptop connected to the internet on the website. You can watch it for free various matches held according to the schedule of the Brazilian league and knowing the standings update afterwards. This league is often called the Campeonato Brasileiro ‘and is popular as Brasileirão. Where is an annual soccer league competition in the country, which is held by Confederação Brasileira de Futebol, or CBF. This league has as many as 20 clubs that will celebrate from May to December.

As for the system adopted, namely the system of promotion and degradation with Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. Where for each team competing in 38 matches, with a total of 380 matches in a season. Most matches are played on Saturdays and Sundays with the other matches being held at night, ie on weekdays. Do you know, due to the peculiarities of history and the broad geographical size of the country, Brazil has a relatively short history of national-level soccer competitions.

Only in 1959, together with progress in the field of civil aviation and air transportation and the need to appoint a representative from Brazil for the first edition of the Copa Libertadores in 1960, the Campeonato Brasileiro was created. Before the national championship was formed, the most prestigious soccer competitions in the country were state leagues, specifically the Campeonato Paulista and Campeonato Carioca, the major leagues in the State of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. While at the age of 59, seventeen clubs have won championship trophies in this league. The current champion is Cruzeiro, who won his third title during the 2013 season.

Various teams competing are worth watching because they often present interesting dishes of beautiful football with Brazilian characteristics. You will be served a dish that does not bore during the course of the match. It is not surprising that there are many games that fan him. If you are a fan, then don’t forget to look at the Brazilian league schedule and standings. Twenty clubs competed in Série A. Since the 2003 season, the league has begun using the full competition system format into the competition format.

Where with this format, every team that competes with other team opponents, twice. Among them is one time competing at home and once again away. As for the total matches, there were 38 matches in total. The team that was able to conquer the other team when they met was given three points for the victory. While if the series will get one point. As for not getting points is if you experience defeat. Teams that are ranked according to points, teams that can collect the most points at the end of the season are crowned champions. Four teams in the bottom position in the final standings will be relegated to Série B.

Meanwhile, the top four teams in the final standings have been able to fulfill the conditions to show their prowess in the Copa Libertadores the following season. Teams ranked 1 to 3 entered in the second round, and the rank 4 team entered in the first round. Eight teams ranked next (ranked 5-12) qualify for the Copa Sudamericana next season, all teams will enter in the second round. If there is a team that won the Copa do Brasil victory in the same season, their place will be given to the ranking team so on.

With an attractive format and a good team, the Brazilian league has become one of the most famous leagues in the world. Brazil has indeed been known as a country that has good football players with their ball style. So this league is worth watching, especially for you football fans. By watching the live streaming of the Brazilian league here, you can easily see it on your mobile smoothly. That way you can menotonnya anywhere you like.