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The Portuguese League live broadcast or commonly known as the Primeira Liga can be seen easily through electronic devices such as smartphones on this website, wherever you are. Various matches that are held often present something interesting so don’t miss it, especially for those of you fans of Portuguese league football. This league was formerly called Primeira Divisão, where for now the League of ZON Sagres, according to the name of its main sponsor, is the top professional soccer division in the Portuguese watch football free online league system. The Primeira Liga was ranked sixth in the UEFA ranking and IFFHS in 2011.

Besides that, it also occupied the eighth position in the IFFHS world ranking in the same year. Liga ZON Sagres is currently attended by 16 teams every season, but only 5 teams have won the league. This season is the 78th season of the Portuguese league, the competition is dominated by 3 teams dubbed Os Três Grandes (Futebol Clube do Porto, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, and Sporting Clube de Portugal), which controls 75 league titles, with Clube de Futebol “Os Belenenses” and Boavista Futebol Clube won 2 other titles.

Before the competition was officially formed in 1938, an experimental competition with a league basis had been created – the Primeira Liga (Premier League) and champions of the competition would be called “league champions”. Even so, the knockout Campeonato de Portugal was the most popular competition and the champion was defined as the “champion of Portugal”.

After that, a league-based competition was formed and became the most important event in the Portuguese football calendar and began to define who the real “Portuguese champion” was. From 1938–2000, the name of the Campeonato Nacional da Primeira Divisão (National Competition Main Division), or only Primeira Divisão (Main Division), was used. When LPFP took over the two main league divisions, the competition was renamed the Campeonato Nacional da Primeira Liga (Premier League National Competition), or abbreviated as Primeira Liga (Premier League).

Os Três Grandes is the nickname for the three strongest sports clubs in Portugal. Sport Lisboa e Benfica football team, Futebol Clube do Porto, and Sporting Clube de Portugal have intense competition and are usually the top seeds to win the league championship. Among the three of them, they have mastered all the Portuguese league titles that have been played, except in 2 seasons won by 2 other teams, and usually they share positions in the top 3 leagues. 2 clubs outside the Os Três Grandes who won the Portuguese league were Belenenses in the 1945-1946 and Boavista seasons in the 2000–2001 season.

The three clubs controlled the Portuguese league, so it was natural to support one of the teams as the “first team”. Os Três Grandes always has the largest number of viewers in the Primeira Liga each season, while the other teams rely on supporters from their respective regions (with the exception of Vitória de Guimarães and Braga, which are ranked 4th and 5th with a supporting base which is quite a lot), has been affected by the monopoly of the three giants. The monopoly has become one of the reasons why the Primeira Liga is one of the leagues with an average number of spectators in Europe, besides the price of match tickets and broadcasting of almost all league matches. In other sports, competition between the three giants is also very strong and usually leads the conversation between players and supporters.

Benfica are the team with the most league titles overall, but Porto have dominated the league competition for the past three decades, have more titles than other Portuguese teams and are the team with the most Portuguese Super Cup titles. Sporting itself ranks 3rd with the Portuguese Cup title which is almost the same as the league title. Benfica won the Champions League twice in a row and Porto became the only Portuguese club to have won all European competitions (except the Intertoto Cup) in the last 25 years, since 1987, with 2 Champions League titles, 2 UEFA Cup / League titles Europe, 1 European Super Cup, and 2 Intercontinental Cups.

Sporting once became a champion in a competition that has now been dissolved, the UEFA Winners’ Cup, in the 1960s. Outside of the three giants, Braga won the last Intertoto Cup in 2008 and was runner-up to the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League, losing to Porto. Are you currently searching for streaming Portuguese league, schedule and standings. You can easily see every game presented on this website using even a smartphone, which is only connected with the internet. Besides the Portuguese league, you can also watch matches from other leagues here. Enjoy watching!.