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AS Roma is a legendary club, has won many records, titles, and also has fans not only in the city, but also penetrates national borders to various parts of the world. The beginning of the formation began when Associazione Sportiva Roma was built in 1927 by Italo Foschi. This club is the fruit of the merger of three existing Roma clubs at first, namely Roman, Alba-Audace and Fortitudo.

The merger of these 3 clubs is the idea of ​​Italy’s most popular fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. This has the intention to be able to make a strong club from the capital that can end the dominance of the northern region clubs at that time. So at the beginning of his year being a professional club Rome had taken Motovelodromo Appio into its headquarters, and on his trip it moved to Campo Testaccio which was the beginning rather than in November 1929.

This club is also identified with the maroon and also its gold, which is the color in the costume that is the color that represents the traditional color of the city itself. Meanwhile, for his achievements, after the establishment in 1927 this club still could not realize the dream of Mussolini to end the dominance of the club that we have mentioned. This can be known with the achievement of a little title by this club throughout the nearly nine decades.

As for in Serie A, this club is only successful to taste the championship at least 3 times. So on to the Coppa Italia, the club can have a collection of at least 9 titles and also the most recent title it won last year. Meanwhile for the Italian Super, this club can be tasted at the top of a number of victories, including those in 2001 and 2007. In Serie B, the club also felt it in 1951/52.

Furthermore, for the record in the international arena, this club also had the chance to feel the feeling of lifting an extraordinary trophy like the UEFA cup class, which was at 196-1961. Some interesting facts about him were no more number # 6 after being officially retired football match today, which was as a tribute to Aldair, a Brazilian defender who had struggled with the club for 13 seasons, from 1990 to 2003.

Meanwhile, Totti has been able to hold many records at this club, starting with his most appearances in various competitions, and besides that he has also recorded the most appearances in Serie A, and has been able to register as the most goals for AS Roma. Various competitions have been followed, and the title has been collected. But the trip continues for him in the current season, struggling to add to his title collection so that it adds to the length of his good record.