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The Bayern Munich fans will certainly always boast a history that is full of tradition, not only a good game that is often presented on the field in each competition. Until now, the fans of this club have so much not only from the city, but also people in other countries faithfully watching and supporting it. While the beginning of this club was a sports club called MTV 1879. When the club did not allow members of its football live streaming players to dock with the German football federation (DFB), the eleven members left and began to form FC Bayern Munich.

For his name it is actually from the origin of the region which when moved to England is Bavaria Munich. In his country, the name of Bayern Munich is used, but generally the international public usually knows him with Bayern Munich. Before the time of the Bundesliga, this club could be said to be strong in the southern German regional arena. Before World War I emerged, the club had tasted the Kreisliga championship in 1910-11, the first Bavarian regional league.

As for the current cage, the Allianz Arena. Construction. As for the training facilities it is located at its headquarters, which is on Sabener-Strasse. Since Jurgen Klinsmann took the coaching chair, the facilities have been reshaped. The facilities currently include pocketing a fitness area, and a conference room facilitated by video analysis skills.

Stepping on 1974, Udo Lattek has brought this club to feel the Champions League victory. Then when the coaching chair is occupied after Lattek, that is by Dettmar Cramer, this club can also hold the title in 2 Champions Cup editions so on. In the course of this club, the 1970 era was the peak of its triumph, in which 3 Bundesliga titles could be collected as a complement to the 3 European trophies in its pocket. His success made it more seamless to make this club pocket more trophies throughout the 1980s and even centuries. Where at that time 16 collections were able.

His glory was repeated again in 2001, when Oliver Kahn who at that time could well bring this team to win from Valencia on penalties. While there was no worse time for this club than when it went bankrupt in the late 1950s. Everywhere in 1955, this club also had to be relegated from Oberliga, even though it succeeded in promoting another season later. But fortunately at that time there was a businessman Roland Endler who wanted to be the main bearer of the club and this could eventually get the club out of trouble. Until now the club has a collection of many titles and recorded many records.

Efforts to further add to the achievement of titles and incised good records must still continue in this season. Every game Bayern Munich is curious to watch and it is hoped that besides being able to present an attractive appearance in each match it can also win, so that the fans will be more proud and can be equally happy when they succeed in gaining additional titles.