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Borussia Dortmund has been able to display interesting content in each of its matches, so it is among the most successful clubs in the Bundesliga. This is the club that has won the most number of viewers than any other European club in 2004, and has been tasting six times as a Bundesliga champion. But it was also interesting that a number of times had almost gone bankrupt.

The establishment of this club was on December 19, 1909, which at the beginning was a number of young people who did not like Trinity Youth, a club where the younger generation of North Rhine-Westphalia worked on exercises that were closely watched and unsympathetic to the priests. Father Dewald, the pastor, once tried to fail the meeting of Borussia Dortmund’s football tv online initial organization which was held in a local bar room, Zum Wildschütz.

While the first name of this club originated from Latin for Prussia, which is the name of brewing. The club wears a black-and-yellow stripe, which is known until now after experiencing a one-time change, precisely in 1913, the stripe shirt that is now known is worn. After a decade of running the club was almost bankrupt, its place in 1929 while trying to land a number of professional players. But it can well save itself thanks to the support of the fans who have reached money from his office in order to cover up the financial difficulties.

Until the 1930s, when the Third Republic had arrived, all sports organizations had to feel the restructuring, and must obey the principles of the regime which was then in control. President Borussia must go down because he did not heed to cooperate with the Nazis. As with all other organizations in the country, this club was dissolved by allied forces as an attempt to keep various institutions away from the Nazi past.

While in 1965, the club was able to win in the German Cup. One year later, he can win in the European Cup Winners’ Cup, and this has made him the first club in his country to taste the European title. Then after 4 years of tasting the win, the club even experienced a hardship and this eventually became the cause of falling into the bottom. Where the peak was in 1972, the club had to be relegated, and could only play in the Bundesliga after 4 years. The crisis repeated again in 1986, but fortunately it was able to save itself through the last 3 wins.

Throughout his journey this club can be included in the most successful, among the titles he can achieve are 6 Bundesliga titles, and 2 DFB Pokal titles. In 2004, the club was able to bring in many spectators to the stadium, around 80 spectators per week, and this became the highest in mainland Europe.