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Manchester CityEven though for its name, Manchester City live online football was only used in 1893/94, but its history can be found until 1880 when Anna Connel tried to build a St. club. Marks (West Gorton) at that time with 2 St. church discipline officers Mark. Then after 7 years his name was changed to Ardwick AFC where his name was also a sign of moving his headquarters.

Then this club could not run smoothly, the difficulty of the finance had forced the restructuring of the Second Division club to become Manchester City until now. While the most successful period he could achieve was in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the club was strengthened by Colin Bell and Francis Lee. The first prestigious title he won was on April 23, 1904, when he was able to conquer Bolton Wanderers 1-0 in the FA Cup final, but as soon as the club failed in the title race in the League, after Cuma had to be satisfied as runner-up.

History seems to repeat itself in the era of the 1930s and 1950s, when it has been trying to be in two FA Cup finals in a row, but only to be satisfied with the second chance in each era. While the FA winner was won in 1934, and the 1956 final, when the club was able to bring home the oldest competition trophy, because the final was remembered for all time because goalkeeper Bert Trautmann remained down even though his neck was broken and no one knew.

The summer of 1965 was a good step in his revival, where he had been promoted to Division One, and the next two seasons the club could have won the title. Besides that, he was able to pocket the FA Cup in 1969, the Winners Cup and 1970 League Cup, which made him the second club to win European and domestic titles one season.

The 2002/03 season was the club’s final season at Maine Road, before submitting an application to be headquartered at the City of Manchester stadium, which was originally built for the 2002 Commonwealth Sports Week, and a £ 35 million renovation was needed to make a good stadium so that it was worthy of hold world class matches. So when Barcelona was given the honor to be treated in a trial match in formalizing City headquarters.

The purchase by Sheikh Mansour also raised a glimmer of hope through an injection of funds that seemed endless. The biggest winning record was recorded when conquering Liverpool Stanley in 1890 where it was able to find the net with the final result 12-0, while for the biggest defeat with the final result 1-9, it must be at the end of Everton’s conquest in 1906.

Every match which involves this team is indeed very interesting to watch, and this season is still not over. Who will be entitled to the title and what good records Man City will write this season to extend his career, of course the fans of this team are curious and therefore every match must be watched.