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There is no doubt that Atletico Madrid is among those who have a big name in the world of football in Spain, able to give an interesting treat when facing a large team of teams who are there and generally in Europe. It was founded on October 9, 1939, where the seeds of seeds which later founded the club had started, namely from 3 Basque students who were in Madrid on April 26, 1903 and had named it Athletic Club de Madrid.

The original headquarters was on Ronda de Valeccas, which also included the meaning of ‘working class’ and for the territory located north of Madrid. In the course of his journey did not continue to settle in the cage, but never moved to the Estadio Metropolitano de Madrid and so on was at the live streaming footbal today Vicente Calderon which became his pride cage.

In his journey in the world of football, this team had also tasted the heyday, namely in the late 30s and early 40s, which at that time was Ricardo Zamora who had become an architect who could see his glorious future to be realized with this team and at that time began including between the Spanish giants. The period of glory can still be continued in the early 50s, under Helenio Herrera, this team turned into a giant who was able to subvert the strength of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

But after he left, the team collapsed again until the 1960s and 70s seemed to rise again. 4 titles won success. In the mid-70s to the early 80s Luis Aragones had the power to display the greatness of this team in his hands, which he then won a job again with this team to train in the next 3 periods. While in the first period, he won 2 successful titles, namely the Copa Del Rey in 1976 and La Liga in 1977. While for the second period, he was successful to marry 2 domestic titles in 1985.

On his journey, this club has been able to boast of its collection of 9 La Liga titles, besides that it has also been incised a record of 8 times in the runner-up that makes the other team must be aware of this one team. So even in the Copa del Rey, which is the ability to reach the 9-time champion title and 8 times as the runner-up makes it inattentive. As for the Spanish Super Cup, this team has become a 3-time winner. Then in Europe, his achievements also became evidence of a team to be reckoned with, namely 1 Intercontinental Cup trophy, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 Cup Winners’ Cup. Of course there are still many more and keep on trying to reach records and titles in the future.