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The English Premier League, which was originally called also called F.A. This league is among the leagues in Europe that are famous in the world, where there are many talented and famous football players in the world. The Premier League is a professional soccer league competition in England, where football fans know that it is a league that presents matches between the highest caste clubs in the United Kingdom. Previously, the league had sponsorship support from Barclays Bank, which at the time had an official Barclays Premier League. Outside the United Kingdom it is commonly called the English Premier League.

But now it’s back to being a Premier League. Before the formation of the Premier League in 1992, the highest level of professional soccer league matches in England was the First Division Football League, the Football League First Division. But entering the end of the 1991-92 season, a number of the top football clubs parted ways from the soccer league after making a number of lucrative deals with television stations. On February 20, 1992 a new competition format was formed with the name FA Premier League with a total of 22 clubs in the first season.

The Premier League is currently the most watched football league, namely in the world. Where this league has been aired in 212 regions to 643 million viewers. In the 2014-15 season the average number of matches in each Premier League match was 36,000, which is the second highest number of German professional football live stream leagues, the Bundesliga, with stadium occupancy rates of 92.2 percent. In addition, the Premier League has won the first coefficient rating from UEFA according to appearance in European competition over the past five years.

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